Simplifybox Affiliate

Affiliate Program

Are you interested in making some extra money?

Become an affiliate and earn commissions from any item(s) from our store. We accept affiliates for any social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Bloggers. Help us to promote and spread word about Simplify Box with your friends, family, followers and get 10% commission (with Paypal. Don't have one? Easily sign up for a free account Here) on every sale!

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How it work?

We provide you a discount code (10% discount for your customers) to promote our shop as a sponsor. Anyone who uses your discount code ans make a purchase, you will get 10% commission of that sale. You can go to promote our shop in many ways such as our website, your blog, or your social network.


You can go about promoting in any way you wish, such as referring your code to friends, family and relatives. For example, you can simply leave a link on your social media profile/ bio with the discount code. Or post your discount code for your fans to enjoy! You are also encouraged to use ANY photos from our website/ Instagram for your promotions.

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