The 5 Sunglass styles every woman must have

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Once you have to seek out a great pair of shades. Finding frames that not only protect your eyes from UV rays but that also make you look good and can tell your real style. We’ve selected the most fashion-forward sunnies from celebrities that will help you to decision what sunglass style is your. 



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Round Retro

round retro sunglasses



round sunglasses 



round retro

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Wood Bamboo Wayfarer 

Bamboo sunglass



wayfarer sunglass



bamboo sunglass wayfarer



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Wide Frames

wide sunglasses



sunglasses wide frames



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Aviators Shade

gigi hadid wde sunglasses

Kendal Jenner Aviator Sunglasses
Avitors Sunglasses

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Which pair is your favorite? Whichever you choose, a new sunglass can be an affordable way to recharge a tired outfit.  Perfect for this time of year when there's never a shortage of people to see and places to go.